Dr. Landefeld

There are any great tools out there that help guide you in discovering the various branches of healthcare.One of our most valued and informative websites is exceptional in gearing students whom are undecided or unsure of which career path you would like to pursue in the health.

 Explore Health Careers

Also, here at Cal State Dominguez Hills we are very privileged to have Dr. Thomas Landefeld as an invaluable resource, for he was on the admissions board for University of Michigan Medical School, and knows all there is to know about the process of preparing for medical school and any other professional graduate program for that manner. By touching base with Dr. Landefeld he will help you polish your personal statement, provide mock interviews and help you get in touch with the right people.


To make an appointment with Dr. Landefeld call the Biology Department at (310) 243-3381. For any other questions please email Dr. Landefeld directly at tlandefeld@csudh.edu


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