Volunteering is crucial in any application for admissions to a health care professional program. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities you will find in the Los Angeles communities. This is not an exhaustive list, therefore we encourage you to find your own unique experiences.

Volunteering should be something you enjoy. Spend some time exploring all the different opportunities you are interested in, and stick with the ones you find to be the most meaningful to you. Keep in mind that the purpose of volunteering isn’t just to better your community or help others; you should be learning something from your experiences as well.

While volunteering, think of what lessons you are learning, think of how your experience is helping to shape you and your interests. For any volunteer organization you list on a resume, these are the things you should be able to speak intelligibly about. So, it is definitely worth your time to find something that genuinely interests you, something you are passionate about it.

Feel free to speak with one of the officers about their experiences. Also, make sure you are going to our meetings and checking the website, as these frequently list last minute and upcoming opportunities.


Saturday Science Academy

1731 E 120th St, Los Angeles, CA 90059. Charles Drew University in the Cobb building.

volunteer opportunity to tutor/teach kids from Pre-K to 12th grade in math, anatomy, physiology, and marine biology. Sessions begining 2/13/16. They are on Saturdays from 8am-12pm with optional one on one tutoring from 12-2pm. They last for 8 weeks. You get to choose which grade you would like to teach. Reminder to bring a copy of their unofficial transcript when turning in the application to Charles Drew University in the Cobb building







Clinical Care Extender Internship

Any hospital that is closest to you.



Gardena Willows Restoration with Dr. Thomlinson

1200 W. 170th St., Gardena, CA (3rd Saturday of every month)




UCLA Summer Programs

Please visit website to learn more about the various summer programs.



Harbor UCLA:Rad-em

Harbor Ucla Medical Center Cardiology
1000 W Carson St
Torrance, CA 90502




*Please refer to this page often for we will continually update the volunteer opportunities*